Footballing City of Liverpool

Article contributor: Prabasena Abhimata

The city of Liverpool, famous throughout the world for its historic and vibrant culture is home to the recent European Champions League and English Premier League winners Liverpool Football Club.

With the addition of these trophies, they are now statistically one of the most successful football clubs in the world with 43 major trophies won.

Ahead of all English clubs including the likes of Manchester United (42) and Arsenal (31) :-).

Anfield, the stadium of Liverpool FC visited by people far and wide is known for its special atmosphere and historical games being played there. It is a footballing destination for any football fan. Foreign students like myself have the pleasure to be able to live in Liverpool and visit the stadium on a more regular basis than others.

However, I wanted to write this article to say that though I personally have been lucky to be able to watch Liverpool FC play at Anfield, it is important to note that it is much more complicated and difficult to purchase match tickets than people realize.

They have four main ticketing systems in place:

Membership Tickets – Purchasable memberships in order to be given access to tickets sold online. This is where most of the tickets are sold for the matches. Even with a membership, speaking through personal experience, it is still extremely difficult to be able to get the tickets due to the overwhelming demand and prioritization of members with credit scores attained from watching matches from previous seasons.

Season Tickets – Annual season tickets guaranteeing the ticket holder a certain amount of games throughout the season. However, very had to attain, even the locals had to wait years on the waiting list and are yet still to receive theirs.

General Tickets – Tickets sold hours before matchday in the stadium. If in the likelihood that membership tickets aren’t sold out, they are sold to the general public on matchday. This is very unlikely to happen even in games against smaller teams and also very risky if someone says from Indonesia was to travel to Anfield and rely on this ticket sale system as it's not guaranteed they will have a ticket.

Hospitality Tickets – A match ticket in addition to exclusive services like food being provided before the match. This is very limited as well as much more expensive than the regular match tickets.

I want to note that yes, it is true that there are ticket resellers “calo”, but I do also want to warn and mention the risks including how I’ve met several people who have previously been scammed when purchasing through third-party resellers.

Therefore, please thoroughly prepare your trip especially in terms of match tickets. Once that is done, I have no doubt you will have a fantastic experience at Liverpool and the world-famous stadium Anfield.

Although I highly suggest trying your best to at least attend one Liverpool FC game in your trip to Liverpool, there is also a good alternative in which is an Anfield tour that gives you access to inside the stadium including the players changing room. A unique experience I also highly recommend as an alternative.

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