Patron Saints Days

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Typical celebration for St. Patrick's Day

What is patron's day?

The celebration of the patron saint consists of the ritual offering of a bloodless sacrifice and a feast held for relatives, neighbors, and friends. ... The elements of a bloodless sacrifice are bread, wine, and wheat (symbols of Christ's body and blood, fertility and prosperity).

Why are there patron saints?

Patron saints are typically chosen because they have some connection to a particular region, profession or family. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, patron saints may be named for diseases, which typically happens when the saint suffered from the malady or cared for someone who did.

UK Patron Saints Days

St. David - 1 March (Wales).

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St. Patrick - 17 March (Ireland).

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St. George - 23 April (England)

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St. Andrew - 30 November (Scotland)

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